International-based news:
Smile (the inflight magazine by Cebu Pacific), Jul 2016: “The Buzz – Keep clam and carry on” P. 55.
Thomson Reuters, 27 Jun 2016: “South China Sea reefs “decimated” as giant clams harvested in bulk – Reuter News”
World Economic Forum, Agenda, 22 Jun 2016: “Q&A: What has the panda got that giant clam hasn’t?” [XxXX series of interviews with female scientists]
Asian Scientist Magazine, 16 Jun 2016: “Asia’s Rising Scientists: Neo Mei Lin
WIRED, 10 Feb 2016: “Science: Blame an ivory ban for China’s vanishing giant clams
Asia Pacific Biotech News (Vol. 20, No. 2), Feb 2016: “SPOTLIGHTS: Inspirations from 2015 FWIS L’Oréal Winners” Pp. 29-34.
Science (Vol. 351, Issue 6271), 22 Jan 2016: “In Depth: Shell trade pushes giant clams to the brink” Pp. 323-324. [Link]
Asia Pacific Biotech News (Vol. 20, No. 1), Jan 2016: “SPOTLIGHTS: L’Oréal Singapore Awards 2015 For Women In Science National Fellowships” Pp. 40-41., 23 Dec 2015: “Meet the L’Oréal Singapore Women in Science 2015 fellows (Part I) – Dr. Neo Mei Lin
Asian Scientist Magazine, 1 Dec 2015: “Neo Mei Lin and Ling Xing Yi awarded 2015 L’Oréal Singapore National Fellowships
Silkwinds (the inflight magazine by SilkAir Inflight Entertainment), Dec 2015: “Off to the Park” Pp. 32-34. [Link], 27 Nov 2015: “L’Oréal Singapore Awards 2015 For Women in Science National Fellowships, 4 May 2015: “Giant clams: Reef builders and shapers
RJ Dunlap Marine Conservation Program, Miami, 27 Feb 2015: “The understanding of giant clams’ contributions to coral reef health continues to grow, 6 Feb 2015: “Giant clam = giant impact: study compiles how mega-clams impact seas
南洋商报 (看四方), 12 Jan 2015: “新加坡重新引入大硨磲” (Translation: Singapore to reintroduce giant clams)
Nature World News, 27 Dec 2014: “Giant clams: Unsung heroes for coral
NewScientist, 18 Dec 2014: “Multitalented giant clams keep corals reefs healthy


The Straits Times (Home), 13 Jan 2015: “NUS team tracking benefits of giant clams”

Local-based news:
Prestige, Oct 2016: “40 Under 40” interview feature.
NUS News, Mar-Apr 2016: “Rising stars shine on Forbes 30 Under 30 list” P. 8.
The EDGE Singapore (Enterprise), 25 Jan 2016: “CAREERS: Neo Mei Lin’s fight to conserve Singapore’s giant clam population” P. EN3.
Research News from Faculty of Science (NUS), 9 Jan 2016: “Scientist wins 2015 L’Oréal FWIS Fellowship
NUYOU 女友, Jan 2016: “30 Under 30” interview feature
Channel NewsAsia News, 29 Nov 2015: “Sisters’ Islands Marine Park designated for research, conservation activities
The Singapore’s Women Weekly, Aug and Sep 2015: “Great Women of Our Time 2015” interview features [Link]
NParks News, 27 Jun 2015: “Marine Conservation Action Plan – An Action Plan of the NCMP
NUS News, Jan-Feb 2015, pp. 12-13: “Giant clam opens up on colourful life
NUS News (Highlights), 14 Jan 2015: “Prying open the life of a giant clam
The Straits Times (Home), 13 Jan 2015: “NUS team tracking benefits of giant clams
联合早报, 11 Jan 2015: “大型巨蚌重新引入我国” (Translation: Reintroducing giant clams into Singapore waters)
The Sunday Times (Think), 14 Dec 2014: “Lifeline for offshore marine research unit
联合早报 (NOW), 30 Jul 2014: “为了红树林,巨蚌与青蛙他们不惜入险境” (Translation: For the mangroves, giant clams and frogs, they do not hesitate to put themselves at danger)
The Straits Times (Home), 15 Jul 2014: “5 things about the Sisters’ Islands, Singapore’s first marine park
NUS News (Highlights), 14 Jul 2014: “NUS doctoral sustainability research wins prizes
The Straits Times (Home), 12 Jul 2014: “$12k grant to help scientist make waves with clam research

Public talks:
Tech Tarik 2016 – Oceans, Organised by Ground Up Initiative, 15 Jul 2016: Public talk “You, Me and the Reefs”
NUS Dive Club Welcome Tea 2015, Organised by NUS Dive Club, 19 Aug 2015: Public talk “Why Singapore’s coral reefs are worthy of saving?”
TEDxACSindependent, Organised by ACS (Independent), 23 May 2015: TEDx speakerThe Unsung Heroes of Coral Reefs
Singapore Heritage Fest 2014, Organised by National Heritage Board, 22 Jul 2014: Public talk “Underwater World of Singapore Waters”

Television and radio interviews:
938Live – The Green Agenda, Aired on 13 Jan 2016: Radio infotainment feature of an interview with myself about giant clams and my award win, the L’Oréal Singapore For Women in Science National Fellowship 2015 (22:28 min)
Channel NewsAsia Singapore Tonight – Spotlight, “Conserving Marine Life”, Aired on 29 Nov 2015: Primetime news feature of an interview with myself and the reintroduction of endangered Tridacna gigas into Singapore waters (1:23 min)
History Channel, “10 Things You Don’t Know About Singapore”, Aired on 13 Sep 2015: Documentary coverage of an interview with myself and how giant clams were a delicacy in the old days of Singapore (3:21 min)
Channel 8 «狮城有约» 发现小红点 (Translation: Hello Singapore. Discovering the Little Red Dot), Aired on 21 Aug 2015: Infotainment news coverage of an interview with myself and the giant clam hatchery on Tropical Marine Science Institute (1:07 min)
Discovery Channel, “First Time Filmmakers (FTFM Singapore): Ocean Oasis – Birth of a Marine Park” (Post-production stage), Aired on 13 Aug 2015: Documentary coverage of an interview with myself and repopulating of giant clams in Singapore’s first marine park (30:00 min)
Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum, Opened on 18 Apr 2015: Permanent video exhibit of an interview with myself and the “Biology of Giant Clams” (3:45 min)


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