TEDxACSindependent, Organised by ACS (Independent), 23 May 2015: TEDx speaker “The Unsung Heroes of Coral Reefs

International-based news:, 28 Jul 2017: “How One Marine Biologist Is Working To Save The Giant Clam
Thomson Reuters, 27 Jun 2016: “South China Sea reefs “decimated” as giant clams harvested in bulk – Reuter News”
World Economic Forum, Agenda, 22 Jun 2016: “Q&A: What has the panda got that giant clam hasn’t?” [XxXX series of interviews with female scientists]
Asian Scientist Magazine, 16 Jun 2016: “Asia’s Rising Scientists: Neo Mei Lin
WIRED, 10 Feb 2016: “Science: Blame an ivory ban for China’s vanishing giant clams
Science (Vol. 351, Issue 6271), 22 Jan 2016: “In Depth: Shell trade pushes giant clams to the brink” Pp. 323-324. [Link]

Local-based news:

NUS News, 4 Apr 2017: “A soft spot for giant clams
TODAY, 19 Feb 2017: “Marine Biologist fourth S’porean to have own TED talk, 1 Feb 2017: “Learn about giant clams from this marine biologist – the only S’porean TED Fellow at TED2017
NUS News, 11 Jan 2017: “NUS researcher named TED Fellow

SG Tatler GenT
Generation T 2017, Singapore Tatler

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