The problem is not plastic itself. The problem is using it irresponsibly.” – Sadhguru, Isha Foundation

My colleagues and I recently had the opportunity to write an opinion piece for the National Environment Agency (NEA)’s Technical Magazine: ENVISION.

Our piece is entitled “Floating Plastic, Hidden Danger”, which talks about the current and emerging concerns of plastics in the marine environment. We also shared the outcomes of our recent paper (read here). Finally, we discussed the ongoing actions taken locally, and calling for greater action by individuals.

Excerpt: “Beyond this, every Singaporean has the capacity to play a major role in driving market forces to reduce plastic use. Ask yourselves: do you need plastic utensils or bags when you take away food for home? Can we become responsible consumers by reducing our wasteful reliance of single-use plastics? Can we be more mindful not to litter, and to pick up what we see, especially near waterfront areas? We urgently need to keep plastics out of our oceans before irreversible damage is done to our seas– damage that could eventually make it to our dinner plates.

For the full article, it is available freely online: (Pp. 66-69.) 🙂

Envision B
ENVISION Magazine, Issue 14 – Special Feature: Marine Pollution.

Envision C

Not forgetting: Thank you, Ria Tan of Wild Singapore and Chris Tobias of NEA for this opportunity to write an opinion piece on the potential dangers of plastic pollution in the ocean!

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