After an incubation period of almost 3.5 years long, I’m a proud ‘mom’ of this new OpenAccess publication 🙂

Neo et al. (2017) Chapter 4. Giant Clams (Bivalvia: Cardiidae: Tridacninae): A Comprehensive Update of Species and Their Distribution, Current Threats and Conservation Status. Oceanography and Marine Biology – An Annual Review. Volume 55. Pp. 87-388.

What started out as a desire to produce an erratum for an earlier review paper has turned into a monster paper (301 pages)! Throughout the process, I felt like a detective – spending hours mulling over every piece of evidence, and snowballing my clues from paper to paper. I spoke to people via emails, and anyone who would give me an inkling of ‘where can I find giant clams?’ I trawled through thousands of photographs and identified each one of them to species. At the end of my compilation, I needed the other experts to verify my findings and I’m so very thankful for their utmost contribution and commitment. Without my precious collaborators, this work would not have been the most solid foundation for advancing knowledge on the giant clams.

From here on, I hope that our paper will serve its purpose and help many other scientists, managers, and public members to view these amazing animals through my lenses. 😀

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