Some years ago *ahem 10 years*, my classmates and I had to produce a video to showcase animal behaviour for an undergraduate class assignment. Of course, we decided to do one on the giant clams! 🙂

Unknown to many, giant clams do exhibit a wide variety of behaviour as presented in this paper by Soo & Todd – The behaviour of giant clams. One of the most interesting behaviour for me is watching the little clams walk around! Yes, they can walk!

In order to find out how fast they walk, we set up an experiment in an aquarium tank. We laid grids to help us measure the distances moved by the clams at the end of experiment. We first arranged the baby clams neatly in rows and columns, and later remotely monitored their ‘movement’ using web-cam and infra-red cameras over 24 hours. These pictures showed the before and after of experiments, and we can see that the clams messed up our arrangement!

Soo & Todd 2012 Results
Extracted from Soo & Todd (2014).

If you like to read up more about how and why they are motivated to go walking around, I have an older post on “Why did the giant clam cross the road?” Also, do watch this video on how we conducted the experiment. We definitely had plenty of fun designing and setting up this experiment. Enjoy! 😀