Thank you WaWa Pictures for featuring our marine lab on St John’s Island, as well as our giant clam research project on their recent series: Island Escapade!

Island Escapade is a series of episodes showcasing the various offshore islands around Singapore in a fun and entertaining manner. The show’s host (Yan Wei) is a good friend of my husband, and I enjoyed the episode on St John’s Island thoroughly!

For this feature, I got our Research Assistant – Ambert Ang to front the giant clam project. Well-done! Also featured are Research Assistants – Lee Yen-Ling, who works on polychaete worm taxonomy, and Research Engineer – Lim Chin Sing, who works on the biofouling projects. Catch them on the latest episode of Island Escapade! 🙂

Toggle’s Catch-up TV:

Host with Research Assistant, Ambert Ang (Giant Clam Research Team)
A scene in the CMBS lab.
Looking for polychaete worms.