Thank you Hafeez and Ibnur of GUILD and Ground-Up Initiative (GUI) for the kind invitation to speak at their TECH TARIK 2016: Ocean Exploration! 🙂 It was a great pleasure to share my personal thoughts about marine conservation and its recent issues. I’m glad to have met many others who are passionate about their environmental cause!

Poster courtesy of GUI.

My other fellow speakers also shared very interesting topics such as building own underwater ROV for exploration (Hakim Hamid), producing bio-inspired robots emulating marine organisms for exploration and monitoring purposes (Vignesh Subramaniam, CENSAM), as well as underwater acoustic communications (Chinmay Pendharkar, SUBNERO)!

As for myself, I shared about: “You, Me, and the Reefs”. Inspired by an online article, I decided to share about the current status of coral reefs, and how our daily choices are impacting coral reefs. Here’s an excerpt of my presentation:

Imagine a world where the coral reefs are devoid of life, what would it be like? Coral reefs cover 0.2% of the ocean floors, but support a quarter of marine life. Sadly, almost 75% of the world’s coral reefs are threatened today. This rapid degradation of reef ecosystems is of critical concern as it provides food, economic activity and cultural value for man. In this talk, I will highlight the imminent threats to coral reefs, and why it matters to safeguard coral reefs. More importantly, how our daily choices are in fact impacting coral reefs, and what can you do to make a difference. My examples will be drawn mainly from my research and conservation experience in Singapore, where marine biodiversity continues to be rich despite past impacts. Protecting the coral reefs can start with you and me.

Finally, thank you all the participants for coming by for this event! I look forward to future events with GUI. And thank you for the pictures! 🙂

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