In conjunction with the nation’s 50th birthday, History Channel features “10 Things You Don’t Know About Singapore“. This is part of the larger series of “10 Things You Don’t Know About …”, to unravel 10 things about this tiny nation! The documentary premiered on 13 September 2015 (Sunday), 10pm (SIN/HKG), and will be aired throughout the week.

10 Things You Don’t Know About Singapore on History Channel

Join the host, Jonathan Lim, an actor, director and writer, on his journey to uncover new twists and tidbits behind historical tales, figures and places you thought you knew about Singapore but actually did not. For example, did you know that Singapore’s most infamous red light district is also its most religious? Or that Singapore imports more Scotch per capita than any other country? Or that its people get so little sleep that every night, even Singaporean babies sleep 2 hours less than their Western counterparts? Prepare to have your mind blown not once, but ten times over, in 10 Things You Don’t Know about Singapore!

Jonathan Lim and the giant clam. (Photo credits: Very!)

In this documentary, Very! found our giant clam programme and had invited me to speak about how our giant clams were once on our dinner menu. Yes! These large bivalves were once harvested from our local reefs, and taken for food and materials. Today, eating giant clams are prohibited in Singapore, but regionally still popular as a source of seafood protein.

VRY_FB photo
On film set with Very! (Photo credits: Very!)

I like to say a big THANK YOU to Jay, Randy, Sarah, Jonathan, and two others for a great day out during the filming earlier this year. 🙂 And thank you for featuring our local marine biodiversity on History Channel. 😀