Last March, I received an email to inform me that I was nominated by “The Singapore’s Women Weekly” editorial team to participate in their upcoming “Great Women of Our Time 2015” awards.

Honestly, I was very surprised by the nomination! I showed it to my colleagues then, and they just burst out laughing! I mean look at the award’s title – great women – am I one??? Plus, the category nominated was “Sport, Health and Wellness” – how did I fit in? (NB: When I told my husband about it, he just rolled on the floor laughing… Not much support eh?) I was fairly certain by then that there has to be some kind of mistake, and I’m not exactly the candidate that they are looking for…

10th year in the “Great Women of Our Time” awards

After consulting with the university’s comm relations, they confirmed that the nomination was based on my work contributing towards the wellness of the marine environment. (ah… It’s the ‘wellness’ component.) After some deliberation and seeking permission to participate, I was encouraged by the fact that I could further extend my outreach on marine issues through a different group of audience – readers of the magazine! 🙂 And that when you passionately believe in a cause, you can make a difference – just like all the other nominees of this award. You can read my interview in the following… 😀

Considering my daily job (wearing mostly tee shirts and shorts), the photo shoots and clothes and accessories have all been an eye-opening experience for me… At this point, I like to thank the entire team: Mary and Lawrence (Liaisons), Candy & Christina (Editorial), Alwin and Joel (Photographers), Tootie and Alex (Stylist), and the MUAs and hair stylists for the experience behind photo shoots and interviews! Thank you all for a memorable experience, and being sporting enough to come over to my island office! 🙂

A gala dinner will be held on 29 October 2015 to celebrate this event, but I won’t be able to attend. Regardless, I look forward to hearing who the winners of each category when I get home then! 🙂

August Issue Interviews:

Main interview – Photo taken on TMSI, my island office.
Great women who have inspired us – Studio shoot. Fellow nominee in “Public service and education” – Jennifer Heng.
Behind the scenes – A photo didn’t look good by chance! (By Chee Kong).
Behind the scenes (Part 2) – Yep, I’m definitely photo-shopped! 😛

September Issue Interviews:

Secondary interview with my quotes. My fellow nominees in the same category – Choo Ling Er, first Iron-woman in SG and Dr Jade Kua, founder of DARE (CPR).
Glamour shoot – I have no idea where will this be featured! I guess biologists can be glamorous! 😛 (Copyrights of photo with SPH holdings)
In case you are wondering, this is my normal outfit ❤

Author’s notes: All scans and images are taken from the magazine prints. Copyrights remains with SPH Holdings.