Coming this 13 August 2015 (Thursday) on Discovery Channel Asia, you’ll get a glimpse of marine conservation efforts in Singapore that led to the formation of our nation’s first marine park. In this 30-minute documentary, you’ll get to see the various stakeholders involved in making this dream come true. From the government agency: National Parks Board, research institutions: Tropical Marine Science Institute and Department of Biological Sciences, and the passionate volunteer intertidal guides and divers – everyone chipped in!

Giant clams are also featured in this show! It is one of the marine taxa groups that is considered for NParks’ Species Recovery Programme. The focus species is the Tridacna gigas, which is a locally extinct species in Singapore. We are working towards reintroducing a stock of them onto our reefs. To do so, we secured a batch of cultured individuals from our collaborators in the Philippines, and imported them over for rearing. Currently, 6 individuals have been put out onto Sisters’ Islands as a pilot trial to test if they can survive in our local waters.

This documentary is currently only available to Asia-Pacific of Discovery Channel users. In the near future, they may consider showing globally. 🙂

Discovery Channel - Singapore Stories
Screen capture of Discovery Channel Asia Website. Courtesy of Discovery Channel Asia.

Go catch the documentary trailer on Discovery’s website now. It features Dr. Karenne Tun, who is the anchor behind overseeing the formation of our first marine park in Singapore. (Go Karenne!) Link: (MUST WATCH!) 🙂

The Filmmaker of BIRTH OF A MARINE PARK – Victor Tang, 35 Interview with the filmmaker – Link: (MUST WATCH!) 🙂

“What are the best words to describe my film? Here got fish.” ~ Victor Tang

“I think Singaporeans have a right to know how rich their underwater world is…” ~ Victor Tang

Filmmaker Profile - Victor Tang
Victor Tang – the filmmaker behind this production. Courtesy of Discovery Channel Asia.

I can’t say enough ‘thank yous’ to Victor, who put this documentary together for everyone in the marine community. It is scientifically factual but infused with citizen science efforts to make this marine park a better one. And Victor is now a ‘convert’ that “Yes, Singapore got marine life!”. Occasionally when he’s not taking underwater photographs, he’ll join us on our seashore trips and do his part to share about the marine biodiversity of Singapore. 😀

Victor’s own mug shot on Labrador seashores! 🙂

Make sure you mark your calendars: 13 August 2015 (2100 BKK/JKT; 2200 MNL)! Catch Victor’s “The Birth of a Marine Park” on Discovery Channel Asia.