Thanks to Mr Chiew (my JC teacher) and his students (Ruoming, Devansh, Gao Yuan), I had the privilege and honour to be invited on as a TEDx speaker for their event: TEDx ACSindependent! 🙂

In this talk, titled “The unsung heroes of coral reefs”, I shared about the giant clams being the most awesome largest bivalves of the seas, as well as my personal life experiences in research and as a citizen scientist. At this point, I like to give thanks to everyone who has made a difference to my learning journey, and I hope to continue to give my time to celebrating the wonderful marine biodiversity that we have in this world. 😀

Photo courtesy of TEDx ACSindependent FaceBook page

Again, thanks to the organisers of TEDxACSindependent, the video is now available on TEDx Talks YouTube for viewing. 🙂

Check it out here:

Speaker Profile (from TEDx Talks):

Corals, giant clams? Most of us will shy away from the wonders of the ocean, but marine biologist Neo Mei Lin has made them her lifestyle. She shares her inspiring story of navigating the treacherous and expansive waters, furthering the cause for the protection of the environment, and how life is all about risk-taking and breaking new ground.

Dr Neo Mei Lin is a marine biologist at the Tropical Marine Science Institute. As a young person living in a busy port city like Singapore, Dr Neo aspires to protect Singapore’s natural heritage, especially its coral reefs, for the future generations. Her passion to save the giant clams in Singapore led to the genesis of her Ph.D dissertation at the National University of Singapore, which examined key issues of the past, present and future statuses of giant clams. Besides her mainstream research, Dr Neo is also an environmental blogger and actively volunteers with various local marine conservation groups, such as TeamSeagrass, Blue Water Volunteers, and WildSingapore. During her free time, Dr Neo is also an avid diver and photographer.