Review articles are publications that attempt to summarise and synthesise the most current state of understanding of a topic. Previous review articles for giant clams dated back to 1980s with emphasis on their biology, distribution and status, mariculture, and exploitation. The most recent review would probably be bin Othman et al. (2010) The distribution and status of giant clams (family Tridacnidae) – A short review. Raffles Bulletin of Zoology 58(1): 103-111.

Lucas, 2014
A pioneer giant clam scientist, John Lucas wrote a popular science article about these megafauna in this year’s Current Biology.

2014 appears to be a good year for the giant clams research, with 3 major review articles produced in the last quarter of the year. A common theme for all the reviews is the emphasis on the ecological aspects of giant clams, spanning from their early life history to sedentary adulthood. Of the three articles, two of them are currently open-access for viewing.

Waters et al. 2014
Charles Waters and team from the University of Auckland – They examined and reviewed the factors relevant to pre-veliger nutrition of the giant clams.
Soo & Todd, 2014
Soo & Todd from the National University of Singapore putting together decades of research on the behavioural ecology of giant clams from their tiny larvae to giant adults. This work also includes experimental components to further elucidate other behavioural aspects.
Neo et al. 2015
Neo et al. from the National University of Singapore put together almost 400 relevant literature into the fundamentals of why and how giant clams are ecologically important to the reefs.

Personally, I’m always happy to see the advancement of work, particularly with the giant clams. We hope that all these papers can be pivotal in all areas of protecting the iconic megafauna. 🙂