Cultured giant clams are featured in this year’s Festival of Biodiversity 2014… Apart from that, the biggest news would be the development of Singapore’s first marine park Sisters Islands! The giant clam project has been kindly funded and supported by the National Parks Board since 2011, and we have since produced three cohorts of juvenile Tridacna squamosa, or commonly known as the fluted giant clams. However, the process of culture and maintenance are no easy tasks, and we are happy to showcase two individuals from 2012 cohort here at the festival.

Giant Clam Mariculture – Panel shows the process.
2012 cohort Tridacna squamosa juvenile.

In this event, some key government players graced the ceremony and I definitely hoped that they support our conservation cause! Here shows Dr. Karenne Tun (right) touring the President of Singapore, Tony Tan about the reef enhancement projects…

Yay! Some air time for the giant clams with the President… đŸ˜€