Kahuna clam

It’s always fun to do literature review, especially of those interesting articles on giant clams! Today, I came across this one – “The Vanishing of the Big Kahuna Clam”. I did a quick search on the word “Kahuna” and it is a Hawaiian word which has meanings of “sorcery, magic and wizardry”. (WHAT?!) I suppose giant clams can be quite ‘magical’… 😛

Anyway, the main draw of this article is looking at how survival of giant clams (specifically Tridacna gigas) correlates to body size. The author points out other factors such as juvenile mortality, disease and human activity that may influence overall survival in the long term. The article also includes author’s own data and interpretations on clam sizes in aquarium trade and the wild – surprisingly, the wild clams tend to be larger than those found in the markets! There goes the “Story of Size” for today… Hope you enjoy this article too!

Happy Friday!